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Top 100 Charities’ income reached record £9.5bn last year – – 22 February 2016 by Susannah Birkwood

This report says, “There are storm clouds in the horizon” …and that it will be difficult to predict whether charities will be able to maintain their current income levels.

“The full fall-out from the recent high-profile exposure of the negative fundraising practices of some charities, and the criticisms of charity regulation to which it has led, may not yet have been felt”.

But it does say that major charities which take pro-active and innovative approaches may still be able to ride out a funding environment which again looks likely to be characterised by global economic uncertainty.

The Top 10 Charities by Fundraising Income (2010/11 ranking in brackets)

1 Cancer Research UK (1) £446.5m raised out of a total income of £634.9m

2 British Heart Foundation (2) £263.8m, £288.2m

3 Macmillan Cancer Support (6) £214.1m, £218.4m

4 Oxfam (3) £192.8m, £401.4m

5 Sightsavers (10) £184.7m, £199.7m

6 RNLI (4) £170.9m, £190.1m

7 British Red Cross (7) £139.1m, £261.8m

8 Salvation Army (9) £130m, £196.3m

9 Save the Children (13) £125.3m, £370.3m

10 NSPCC (5) £115.3m, £125.9m