• 1
    tap where you think the ball might be and a pin will appear
  • 2
    if you want to move the positioned pin, tap and hold it, wait for the cross hair to appear and then drag the pin to the desired position
  • 3
    when you moved it to the desired position, simply let go of the cross hair
  • 4
    repeat until you used up all your pins (see counter below) and when you are done, simply click on 'finish'
  • Drop a 'Pin' where you believe the centre of the ball to be, by moving the crosshair over the spot and clicking. The co-ordinates for each pin are recorded, please see co-ordinates at the bottom, centre.
  • Repeat this until you have placed all of your 'Pins', please see the 'Pin' counter at the bottom, left.
  • You may change the position of your 'Pins' by simply moving the crosshair to the 'point end' of any 'Pin'. Click and hold the mouse button, move the 'Pin' to the new location and let go. Move the 'Pins' until you are happy with their location, click on 'Finish' to enter and close the game.
  • The ball has been removed from the photo. A Sporting Expert then makes a judgement as to the position of the ball. A lawyer will retain the co-ordinates of the position of the ball selected by the Sporting Expert until the competition has closed and the winner has been announced.
  • Using your skill, you must decide where you think it should be. The competition winner is the person whose co-ordinate 'Pin' hits the pixel in the dead centre of the ball placed by the sporting expert, or the closest to it.
  • In the event of more than one contestant having the same location, the winners may be asked to take part in a 'Play-off Game' to ensure we have a clear winner, or the prize may be divided equally. Terms & Conditions apply.
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