Spreading the word

The main purpose of a brand Ambassador is to embody the values, character and overall development objectives inherent to the brand.
They are experts in speaking for, and on behalf of, the Fund Hub.

The role and responsibilities of Ambassadors may seem quite wide ranging but essentially they boil down to a few important aspects:

  • They are individuals or companies who align themselves with an organisation or brand to further that organisations’ business interests across individual or multiple sectors.
  • They represent themselves and the organisation they align with and in practice are Ambassadors for both themselves and companies or charities they associate with.
  • Ambassadors are people who are already influential in a market sector or sectors and have the capability to bridge the gap between the Fund Hub and Associates at appropriate decision making levels.
  • They are well connected, networked and respected in their current day to day business or charity environment. Like traditional ‘political’ ambassadors, they build equity by leveraging their connections for mutual benefit.